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Hiring a DJ and/or photographer is an important decision, so reading all of this is definitely worth your time. You could save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars!

First ask yourself these very important questions:

-Which is more important to you, getting a fantastic DJ and/or photographer that will make your event spectacular at a great price, or getting a cheap DJ and/or photographer that may possibly ruin your event and photos?

-How many times have you hired a professional DJ and/or photographer? So what makes you think you would be good at it?

-Do you want to have to manage your DJ and/or photographer at your event, or do you want to relax and celebrate with friends and family and let the professionals do their job?

If you are looking for a cheap DJ and/or photographer, don't mind being part of their learning curve, and you don't mind managing them at your event, we won't be the right company for you. If you are looking for a fabulous DJ and/or photographer that will do the job professionally at a great price, continue reading.

Then consider these facts:

-The very best local DJ or photographer in your area may not be even close to as good as one that is willing to drive an hour or 2 to perform at your event, and the local people will probably be more expensive on top of it.

-If the DJ or photographer doesn't have to do any marketing, selling, meetings, planning, or editing, they will perform for a lot less money.

-Most of the questions on bridal sites they say to ask a DJ or photographer are the wrong questions. How many DJs and photographers has the writer hired anyway?

We've been in business since 1999

-We have over 4,000 professional DJs, photographers, and videographers nationwide.

-We have done over 15,000 successful weddings and 5,000 events

-We professionally edit well over 200,000 photos a year.

-We have hired thousands of great DJs and photographers and we know the right questions to ask. -Free planning assistance is included with every package. -”Day of” coordination is included in every DJ package.

-You will deal directly with the owner of the company.

We started with just DJ service

Hello, I'm Michael Yanko.

I started A Better DJ in 1999 in central Florida as a 1 man wedding and party DJ/Karaoke company. I knew that there are a lot of great people out there that deserve to have a great DJ, but can't afford to pay the ridiculous prices that many want to charge, so I created budget friendly DJ packages without sacrificing quality.

A few years later I was turning down so many weddings and parties because I was already booked that I decided to expand. I hired 8 personable DJs and taught them how to do weddings, parties, and events the same way I do. In a short time all 9 of us were booked every weekend and we were still getting calls from all over Florida for events that we couldn't take. So I decided to expand again.

A year later we had over 200 very experienced Djs that were willing to do our budget package as a fill in with their own bookings.

Then we added photography

One of my female Djs was getting married. She came to me complaining that the cheapest photographer she could find was $750 (back in 2003 I think) just to show up, and she didn't even get any pictures. She ended up paying $1250 for 100 pictures that just weren't that good. At that time we decided to add photography to our packages. My late wife and I were both photographers, very experienced at editing, so we thought maybe we could get some great photographers at a great price to do budget friendly weddings if they didn't have to do any editing. It worked! After a few weeks of calling we had over 300 very experienced Djs and photographers covering all of Florida. Our initial wedding package was 4 hours of DJ, 4 hours of professional photography, all of the edited photos mailed to them on disc, for only $800!

Then we went nationwide

All of a sudden we started getting calls from neighboring states, so I hired more Djs and photographers. Next thing you know we had 8 states, then 12, then 24, then 32, then 38... so I said to my late wife, we might as well go nationwide with this thing. She said “Let's go for it!”

Long story short, In the next 8 years I hired over 3,000 professional DJs, photographers, and videographers to cover all 50 states. We continue to research and add more amazing vendors to our staff.

Even though I don't get to do as many weddings myself anymore, I do still personally do every booking. Michelle and I personally inspect the editing on every photo that we take, and we select the perfect DJ and photographer for each event.

In spite of our tremendous growth, we have maintained our focus on providing budget friendly packages without sacrificing quality. Our hiring standards are very strict and with very few exceptions all of our staff has either done at least 100 weddings or been performing professionally for at least 10 years! Some of our professionals have been with us more than 15 years.

Hire a professional

Regardless of who you hire, hire a professional. Hiring the wrong DJ or photographer can ruin your event or your memories of your event. Your DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your reception, party, or event. Your photographer is 100% responsible to capture those memories in beautiful images to last a lifetime. If you hire me I will personally help you make your wedding or event be the one that you and all your guests say was the best one ever!

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A Better DJ and Photographer provides top notch DJ and photography-video services for your wedding, party, event, Sweet 16 party, corporate event, holiday party, and more,

all at great prices anywhere in the country.

Our expert wedding DJ and wedding photographer package prices are very affordable and they will help you create the perfect package for your event and budget. Free planning assistance and wholesale photo printing is available to all of our clients!

Our performances are legendary!

Same great prices nationwide


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