only $399-$1999


services are performed by very experienced local professionals in our network. Your wedding DJs will be chosen based on their extensive experience, outgoing personalities, professional equipment, and outstanding abilities to coordinate your wedding reception based on the information that you provide us. We recruit interactive DJs that will make your reception fun for everybody and most of our DJs have at least 10 years experience and/or have done over 100 weddings.


4 hours party DJ for people that want someone to just play music, nothing else, only $399

(no coupons on this package)

4 hours expert wedding DJ only $699

(includes dance lights, MC service, "day of" reception coordination, wireless mic for toasts)


5 hours expert wedding DJ including music for your ceremony at a separate location only $799

(minor travel charges may apply)


( additional time $100 per hour)


 For those of you that are entitled to the very best! 

We are networked with several high end black tie DJs to give you that high end presence that your status demands.

(for those of you want that spectacular "DJ in the tux" that is dressed better than the bridal party)

Master wedding DJ only $1999 unlimited hours

We have some world famous DJs in this network!

Call for specials!

When shopping to hire a wedding DJ

keep in mind that your DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your wedding reception.  Your wedding DJ is not just someone that shows up and plays music, he/she will also be your master of ceremonies and your "day of" coordinator.  Your wedding DJ will basically run your wedding reception from the moment you arrive from your after ceremony photos to the last second of your last dance or grand exit. If you choose the wrong DJ just to save a few bucks you could ruin your wedding reception for as little as $100. You could end up managing your DJ instead of relaxing and enjoying your celebration with your friends and family.

The professional wedding DJs in our network typically charge $750-$1500 to do a 4 hour wedding reception. The main reason that they are willing to work cheaper at your wedding is that we personally take care of all of the preliminary work for them so that all they have to do is provide an excellent performance.

Once we receive your retainer we will send you our exclusive and easy to use email wedding planner. It is structured around a timeline starting with your ceremony and ending with your last dance. There is a designated place to put in:

-wedding and reception addresses

-your contact information

-what time you want to do each event

-what song you would like to have for each event

-your introduction list

-your song requests

-special notes

Also included in your package is unlimited consultations with us, the owners of the company! We have done over 12,000 successful weddings and events so feel free to take advantage of our extensive experience and expertise. We can help you with:



-your time line

-music selection

We will make notes to your client worksheet during each consultation and add them to your planner before presenting it to your DJ. He will contact you to go over everything with you, answer any questions, make any last minute changes, and leave you his/her contact information.

All of our wedding DJs are very experienced professionals and most have either done over 100 weddings or been doing them over 10 years. We hire hundreds of DJs into our network every year and know exactly which questions to ask and what the answers should be. It makes a lot sense to hire professionals to help you plan your special day and place the perfect DJ to make it spectacular... after all, how much experience do you personally have hiring a professional wedding DJ?

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to give us a call at 321-412-3878 Sun.-Fri. 11AM to midnight eastern

A Better DJ and Photographer provides top notch DJ and photography-video services for your wedding, party, event, Sweet 16 party, corporate event, holiday party, and more,

all at great prices anywhere in the country.

Our expert wedding DJ and wedding photographer package prices are very affordable and they will help you create the perfect package for your event and budget. Free planning assistance and wholesale photo printing is available to all of our clients!

Our performances are legendary!

Same great prices nationwide


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