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We offer some of the best prices in the country for top level wedding DJ-photographer-video services.

We love to travel to do weddings!

But if we are not personally available for your date we will provide one of our top local wedding professionals at a fraction of the prices they will quote you if you call them directly! Our affordable wedding packages will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality! Our selection of professional wedding DJ,  photography, and video packages have been designed with brides planning a wedding on a budget in mind!

We invested many years recruiting top professionals around the country. We have created a nationwide network of well over 4,000 local expert wedding DJs, spectacular wedding photographers, and professional videographers that are willing to give top notch performances at greatly reduced prices in our packages. Our prerequisite with very few exceptions is that our vendors have either done at least 100 weddings, or have been doing them for at least 10 years. Most of our vendors have much more experience than that. Some of our staff has been with us almost 20 years.

If one of these packages is not perfect for you then we will help you create one that is.

Be sure to call for specials 321-617-3169

Top notch performance in budget friendly packages!

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Before you look at our prices you need to consider value.

WEDDINGWIRE average costs for DJ-photo-video 2021-2022

Per the Knot - 2023 average costs:

Wedding DJ $1500

Your low cost only $999* (you save $500)

Wedding photographer $2600

Your low cost only $999* (you save $1600)

(for only $100 more than the national average you can add a great DJ and HD video!)

HD Wedding video $2100

Your low cost only $999* (you save $1100)

All 3 services $6200

Your low cost for all 3 only $2699*

(you save $3500)

Pick any 2 services for only $1799*

(you save well over $1000)

We provide top notch services at budget prices without sacrifing quality.

Why would you pay more if you don't have to?

*Call for specials


after 11AM weekdays EST

Spectacular Photographer

HD Wedding Video



1 hour of wedding DJ-MC or photographer or video only $499*

$100 per hour for extra time

Low Budget DJ for Your Wedding Package

Only $599

book this 321-617-3169

3 hours party DJ, no MC service, no dance lights, no "day of" coordination.  A microphone will be provided for one of your guests to be your MC and "day of coordinator." There are no specials or discounts on this package. Extra time is only $100 per hour. This is the package you want if you "just need a DJ to play some music."

#1 Expert Wedding  DJ

Only $999*

book this 321-617-3169

Our most popular professional wedding DJ package includes;

-5 hours of service

-very experienced interactive wedding DJ-MC

-wedding ceremony music at the same venue

-reception music

-unlimited song selection

-music activated dance lighting

-mic for toasts

-MC service

-planning assistance

-and "day of" coordination at your reception.

If you only need 4 hours you can take $100 off.  

#2 Spectacular Wedding Photography

Only $999*

book this 321-617-3169

Our most popular photography package includes;

-5 hours of coverage

-professional editing

-dedicated web page for your wedding and reception

-wholesale print prices.

Add a 2nd professional photographer for only $700 more.

Here's some price examples: -4x6 only $2 -5x7only $5 (this is the size most people use for albums) -8x10's are only 10 bucks! Downloads - Entire gallery in low resolution only $2 (not good for printing, but look great in your computer, Facebook, websites, etc.) Entire gallery in high resolution only $100 with unlimited usage rights (great for printing

 #3 Wedding Video

Only $999*

book this 321-617-3169 

Our most popular wedding video package includes;

-all formal events are captured as full clips and segued together like a movie 

-your professionally edited ceremony posted to Youtube for you to share.

-all of your video on USB drive. 

#4 Wedding DJ 2 locations

Only $1199*

book this 321-617-3169

same as #1 with ceremony music at a separate venue or the beach.

Extra DJ-MC time is just $100 per hour

                  #5  Pick 2

DJ and/or Photos and/or Video

Only $1799*

book this 321-617-3169

5 hours wedding DJ and/or photography and/or video - covering your ceremony, formals, and reception. This was our most popular wedding package for 10 years! 

          #6 Our most popular                 Photography-Video Package

5 hours with 2 world famous photographers including video of your ceremony. (Only available in certain areas/dates.) 

Only $1799*

book this 321-617-3169

#7 Get All 3!


The DPV package

  Only $2699*

book this 321-617-3169

5 hours coverage with a great DJ-MC, spectacular photographer, plus HD video of your ceremony and reception. Over the last year this has become our most popular package. 70% of our brides choose this package! 

#8  The Diamond Package

Only $1999-$3499*

For those that deserve the very best!

2 days full  coverage with 2 of the best wedding photographers in the country.

Your package includes:

-rehearsal pictures

-planning  assistance

-getting ready pictures

-ceremony pictures

-HD video of your ceremony

-after  ceremony formal pictures

-reception pictures

* A small travel charge up to  $25 may apply if your wedding and ceremony are in 2 different locations.

Extra photography time is just $100 per hour

book this 321-617-3169

#9  The Princess Package

from $2999-$3999*

For those of you that deserve the very best - call us and we will help you design the perfect package with 2 days of spectacular wedding photography and HD video coverage, plus expert wedding DJ-MC services! Rehearsal, getting ready, ceremony, fun and formals, and your reception. Call to see if your date is available and get special pricing. 

book this 321-617-3169

#10 Mini Wedding Package

DJ and Photographer

Includes 4  hours of photography and 3 hours of wedding DJ-MC. Our mini wedding package for those small weddings on a tight budget! Same great quality performances, just less time! 

Only $1499*

book this 321-617-3169

#11 Micro Wedding Package

DJ and Photographer

You get 3 hours photography and 2 hours wedding DJ-MC. 

Our micro wedding package for those small and short weddings on a tight budget! Same great quality performances, just less time! 

Only $1199*

book this 321-617-3169

Please add $200 to any video package that includes a long church service. It takes several hours longer to process a long video of that type.

You can probably get an amateur with a cheap Best Buy consumer Canon camera kit to take pictures at your wedding and reception for only $100 or so if you shop hard enough. You might even have a friend's mom or a family member that sorta kinda knows how to take pictures, and they might even be willing to do it free. These will not be spectacular professional pictures, but they will be cheap or maybe even free! They could possibly even be really bad. Your wedding photos are your archive of your special day and should be recorded in beautiful high resolution. Whether you hire us or someone else, be sure and hire a professional that photographs weddings with passion.

You could hire a "signature" photographer for thousands of dollars. Most of our photographers normally start at $1000 or a lot more to photograph a wedding if you were to contact them directly. Some start as high as $5,000. They all have professional equipment, many years of experience, and the expertise to create spectacular images capturing the essence of your special day. Because we personally put in all of the time involved in planning and do the professional editing in house, you are able to get very experienced professionals for a fraction of what they normally charge. We edit every picture to our strict standards. Unless you are orange you will NOT have orange skin tones, and the details of your wedding dress will not be blown out. Don't be fooled, orange skin tones and blown out dress highlights are not a style, they are from photographers that don't have a clue how to professionally shoot and edit wedding photos. With very few exceptions all of our DJs and photographers have done over 100 weddings or have been doing them for more than 10 years. Your wedding day is not the right time to be part of someone's learning curve.

Call to see if your date is available and get our current specials


To see how to hire us and how everything works click

For your special day it is important that you realize that your DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your wedding and reception! For that reason we utilize only very experienced local professionals that not only know how to perform well and play the right music to keep everyone having fun,  they also know how to professionally deal with all of the various situations that arise on a wedding day.

Your wedding DJ is not just someone that shows up and plays music (but we do have that available), he/she is responsible to be your "day of" coordinator and basically run your reception from start to finish.

Your DJ also helps create the moments that your photographer will capture.

Don't let your wedding day be ruined because your reception is part of someone's learning curve... hire us and we will take all the stress out of making your day spectacular. We will provide the FABULOUS DJ that will have you and all your guests saying that your wedding celebration was the best one ever!

Free planning assistance is included with every package!

We will provide whatever you want from a cheap party DJ to the most elegant wedding DJ! If you need help with budgeting we can help you there too! We have done over 15,000 successful weddings and will be happy to help you script the wedding and reception of your dreams, and all within your budget.

Available in all 50 states at the same great prices!

The prices above are our current prices. No other internet or website prices are valid at this time other than the current specials you when you call. Prices are subject to change without notice to you however receipt of your retainer payment locks in your price for any date!
Call 321-617-3169
and we'll help you put together to perfect package for your special day!

Your interactive wedding DJ will make your celebration spectacular for all of your guests. When the night is over your guests will think that your wedding and reception was the best one they ever attended!

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New! If you prepay your package you can pay it over a 6 month period with no interest!

Free consultation with no obligation!
Call now to reserve your date
before someone else does!

Wedding DJ and photography great rates nationwide!


BUSINESS LICENSE is renewed every year

2013 BIZ LIC 001

We are heavily insured, but some venues require extra insurances specifically  tailored to their venue. Let us know ASAP if your venue is one of those so we can send you an invoice for the additional cost.

A Better DJ and Photographer provides top level DJ and photography-video services for your wedding- party-event-Sweet 16 party-Quinceanera- corporate event-holiday party-concert-festival, and more, all at great prices anywhere in the country.

Our expert wedding DJ and wedding photographer-video prices are very affordable, and we will help you create the perfect package for your wedding or event and budget. Free planning assistance and wholesale photo printing is available to all of our clients!

Our performances are legendary!

Same great prices nationwide!


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