As professional wedding-party-event DJs we are all proud to feature quality top name brand  commercial DJ equipment! We bring backups to all major components to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

We personally use 2- 2,000 watt QSC powered speakers, plus a QSC 2,000 watt powered subwoofer for those deep bass grooves for outdoor and larger events. Each speaker has it's own amplifier so if one goes down for some reason the show continues. We use a professional Yamaha digital audio converter that utilizes the same features as their giant mixers that you see at concerts and festivals. For Karaoke we have a Mackie mixer that has effects processing that will make you sound the best that you possibly can. Our microphones are Shure SM58's and 48s, the same mics that singers use on the big stage. We bring backups to each crucial part of ours system.

We use HP business platform laptops exclusively. We bring a backup just in case. Our software is state of the art. We use Virtual DJ Studio which allows me to cue up to 13 songs at a time and get requests up in as quick as 10 seconds. For Karaoke we use Tricerasoft's JustKaraoke. We have backups to both programs just in case!

For our affordable wedding-party-event photography Michelle and I both use Sony A7  mark 3s, all professional lenses, and flash. These cameras are 24MP and yield beautiful sharp and colorful photos. Our videos are high definition with Dolby stereo sound.

A Better DJ and Photographer provides top notch DJ and photography-video services for your wedding, party, event, Sweet 16 party, corporate event, holiday party, and more,

all at great prices anywhere in the country.

Our expert wedding DJ and wedding photographer package prices are very affordable and they will help you create the perfect package for your event and budget. Free planning assistance and wholesale photo printing is available to all of our clients!

Our performances are legendary!

Same great prices nationwide


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