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 First of all let me clarify that a DJ and a DISC JOCKEY are the same thing! Now that we have that mystery solved let’s move on to finding a great one for your wedding, party, or event.

 Second of all always hire a PROFESSIONAL DJ! If you needed surgery would you want an amateur surgeon?

Being naïve and uneducated about tile I once hired a cheap handyman to remodel my bathroom. He did a great job at cutting a hole in the wall and put in a slider, took out the toilet and put it back in, and did a great job cutting tiles to fit together perfectly. What he didn’t do right is put the proper material under the tile or install a shower pan before tiling the shower. It cost us an extra $700 to replace damaged subfloor when we had a professional tile installer redo the bathroom. My point… hire a professional and get it done right!

 Your WEDDING DJ much more than someone who just plays music! He/she is the person that is going to run your wedding reception. He/she is the co-coordinator that makes everything flow smoothly between your other vendors and other than your wedding ceremony (10 minutes to 1 hour) your WEDDING DJ OR DISC JOCKEY (4 hours) is the most important part of your reception!

 Your DJ is the entertainment!

 Your WEDDING DJ or DISC JOCKEY will basically run your reception from the moment you walk in the door to the final note of your last dance.

 Some of your WEDDING DJS duties are:

 Your DISC JOCKEY will bring all of the music that you asked for in advance for plus another 20-160,000 other songs for requests
 Your DJ will bring a professional high powered DJ system
 Your WEDDING DISC JOCKEY will bring basic dance floor lighting
 Your WEDDING DJ will line up the bridal party and introduce them
 Your DJ and MC will announce the newlyweds and lead them to their 1st dance
 Your WEDDING DJ and MC will announce the blessing and dinner
 Your DISC JOCKEY will MC the toasts and provide a wireless microphone
 Your DEE JAY will announce the Father/daughter and Mother/son dances
 Your WEDDING DJ will get the party started
 Your DISC JOCKEY will keep your guests dancing Your DISC JOCKEY will MC the garter toss, bouquet toss, and cake cutting
 Your WEDDING DISC JOCKEY will get everyone dancing again
 Your WEDDING DJ will MC your last dance
 If your venue has wireless internet then your WEDDING DJ can play absolutely any requested song!

 A professional WEDDING DJ or DISC JOCKEY is so much more than someone that just plays some music. If the WEDDING DEE JAY you hire isn’t doing a great job then you end up managing your WEDDING DISC JOCKEY instead of relaxing and enjoying yourselves with your guests. A month after your wedding your guests won’t remember your dress, the flowers, the food, or your décor. What they will remember is the great time they had celebrating with you with the WEDDING DJ that you hired!

 PARTY DISC JOCKEYS are equally if not more important than any other part of your celebration. Your PARTY DISC JOCKEY is the one that is totally in charge of the entertainment of your guests. Whether you have a bad party, a good party, or a great party will be judged on the performance of the PARTY DJ that you hire.

 If you hire an amateur PARTY DISC JOCKEY you will have an amateur party.


 Provide a professional ENTERTAINMENT sound system with back-ups
 Professionally MC your celebration including introductions, cake cutting, and last dance
 Bring ALL of the music that you request plus another 30-60,000 other songs
 Follow your time-line
 Provide a wireless mic for toasts or announcements Provide basic dance lighting
 Take requests (at your option)
 Keep your guests dancing

 Most people have little to no experience, or any clue about how to HIRE A DJ. A great WEDDING DJ is not just some nice person that gives you a great price, that could easily be a bad WEDDING DJ! So who do you hire? Call us and leave it up to the professionals!

 Want us to HIRE A DJ for you? We have over 1,500 PROFESSIONAL WEDDING DJS and expert PARTY DISC JOCKEYS in our network. We will provide a top notch local WEDDING DJ or PARTY DJ at very affordable prices.

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If you need to hire a wedding-party DJ at an affordable price we can certainly help make it fit your budget and provide professional talent! Our DJs usually cost $1.000-3500, but through our network you can get great DJS for weddings for only $699 (and up) or DJS for a party for only $399

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We spend hundreds of hours recruiting very experienced top local DJS and the best party DJs that will perform for reduced rates in our affordable packages. All of our DJS have done at least 100 weddings or had 10 years experience and many of them have done thousands of parties and events. Whether you need an expert DJ -Disc Jockey for your reception in the Grand Ballroom or a party DJ for a simple back yard family and friends Bar-B-Que, A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER will provide you with top local wedding-party DJS-DiscJockeys at some of the best prices in the country for professional services!

 Our wedding-party DJs all have professional DJ systems and know exactly how to play the right music at the right time. With our easy to use email planner your DJ will have all the specifics and timelines ready to go to make your wedding reception-party-event be the best EVER.

 We are able to keep the cost of having a great DJ low because we negotiate prices for you and also we help fill in the gaps in our DJ's schedules. We find that a lot of great local DJs would rather work than sit home, so we are able to get you the best prices for DJS! We make our packages so affordable that many people are able to get both professional photography and DJ for less than the rates they are being quoted for just a DJ.

You will not find another company that is so dedicated to making sure that your event is even better than you hoped it would be. Our professionals do tens of thousands of celebrations every year and our budget friendly prices make it possible for everyone to have top notch talent at their celebration without breaking the bank.

 We have spent thousands of hours; interviewing, checking out portfolios and websites, verifying references, and choosing top performers to be part of our network. We are very good at what we do and the resulting client satisfaction motivates us to keep building so that every bride, host, or hostess has the opportunity to have a top rated wedding DJ, party Disc Jockey, affordable wedding photographer, and/or professional videographer for their celebration at a price that can not be beat for the quality we deliver.

 We are members of many professional forums and organizations so we continue to learn from some of the top wedding DJs, photographers, and videographers in the world. In our network we all share the latest tips and tricks to keep us up to date with the latest techniques to ensure that all of our staff deliver top notch performances for your event.

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