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 So you are planning a party.

 First you have to decide is what do you want to happen at your party?

 1. If you are thinking about sitting around chatting with your friends and having a few cocktails with some background music and a cheap DJ (under $100 per hour), stop reading, start downloading some music from ITunes and go to Radio Shack and buy a laptop to stereo connector.

 2. If you are thinking about having an exciting dance party with great dance music and lights you need to hire and pay for a professional party DJ or party Disc Jockey (at least $100 per hour). Professional party DJs-Disc Jockeys know exactly how to get the party moving and keep it moving right up until the very end. If this is the kind of party you envision then your party DJ - Disc Jockey will be about 95% of the success of your party!

 If you are thinking about hiring a cheap party DJ see #1 and scrap the idea of having a DJ. You are better off playing the music yourself than you are having a lousy party DJ! A professional will be an expert at sizing up your guests and playing exactly the right music that will keep your guests dancing and having a great time. Cheap party DJs will need you to tell them what to play all night and if that’s the case you might as well do #1 and play the music yourself.

With our expert assistance we will help you convert planning stress into planning fun!

Offer professional planning assistance
 Bring all of the music that you ask for in advance
 Have a professional sound system with back-ups
 Have a professional wireless mic for announcements, toasts, etc,
 Have LED dance lighting
 Have an extensive music selection
 Be very familiar with his equipment and music so he/she can get requests up in a timely manner
 Dress professionally or casual at your request
 Arrive and be set up before your guests arrive
 Be a high energy interactive personality that makes your guests feel comfortable

Your professional party DJ-Disc Jockey will be 95% responsible for the success of your party! A month after your party your guests won't remember the food, the decor, what you wore, or how nice your nails looked... but they WILL remember what a great time they had with the DJ that you hired!

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