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Last Minute Planning WEDDING TIPS for the
Do it yourself WEDDING DIY
by Rina Marie from

Everything I write comes from real experiences as a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.
I write to save you WEDDING time, which will save you WEDDING money to help you succeed in your WEDDING budget.
Wishing you all a beautiful eternity!
Rina Marie

Do not let all this overwhelm you... take your time, relax and read.
If you are my client, I will be calling you a month before the WEDDING to go over everything.

This is for you awesome D.I.Y brides doing it all yourself.
You have the WEDDING venue, the WEDDING cake, the WEDDING music, WEDDING RECEPTION DJ, and PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. All is good to go. Awesome! Let’s just make sure everything is covered so we don’t make you late for your hair, makeup, AND the gorgeous attire that you will wear down the aisle to your partner for life.

We have done thousands of WEDDINGS and I have witnessed little forgotten details which gave the bride big tears.
I write this to help you remember the little necessities for your big day that I see so often over-looked, making the bride late for her WEDDING.

Please have an understanding what your maid or matron of honor is needed for on your special day. It’s more than just standing by your side. She is there to help you and keep you stress free.

The Day Before the WEDDING

First of all make sure all your appointments are confirmed as in hair and makeup… etc. .Also make sure your maid or matron of honor has all the phone numbers for your limo, cake, Officiate, WEDDING RECEPTION DJ, PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER,
Call all WEDDING vendors to make sure they have the correct time and address for WEDDING venue.

Next make sure you have a check off list the night before your WEDDING for items like garters, WEDDING veil, WEDDING shoes, flower girls dress, WEDDING flowers, shoes, ring bearer wardrobe and shoes, the WEDDING bouquet, corsages for the mothers and the groom and groomsmen. If you’re going to have a candle or sand ceremony, or bubbles, assign someone to bring them. Also don’t forget perfumes, personal hygiene, jewelry… especially the WEDDING bands, and your Marriage license.
I can’t tell you how many times important items were left behind such as; WEDDING shoes, the marriage license, WEDDING cake cutting set, bride and groom’s Champagne flutes, etc.

· Who will be in charge of all the WEDDING flowers arriving at the WEDDING venue? This includes who will be pinning the flowers? It is also a wonderful idea when you are choosing your WEDDING flowers have the florist teach you how to pin the groomsmen's flowers on the correct lapel so you can in turn show the designated WEDDING flower person how to pin the flower on the correct lapel of the coat or jacket. .. Sounds minor but I have been to so many WEDDINGS where the flowers were left behind or no one knows what side to pin. It’s a little tricky.

PLEASE make sure your WEDDING dress is unwrapped in case it needs to be ironed and all tags are cut off. Make sure tags are cut off everything... shoes, purses, accessories... have items such as something borrowed, something old, and something new are placed together.
Please make sure you eat well and get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Your adrenalin most likely be at an all time high which burns energy... energy you will need for your wedding day.

During WEDDING rehearsal… make sure WEDDING officiate is standing right in the middle of arch and the bride and groom will be properly on each side. The bride on the left and the groom on the right.

OK... I think I gave you enough to think about for one day. Please call if you have any questions 321-759-5488 and be prepared to receive the next list for the day of your wedding.
Rina Marie.


On the Big Day

· Make sure you have your list and go over it with your matron or maid of honor during a nice breakfast the morning of your WEDDING.

. Have your WEDDING party dressed and completely ready and prepared before you start to prepare for your big day. I have seen way to many brides putting on their WEDDING dress by themselves as their bridal party are still trying to get dressed. The bride should have her bridal party completely dressed and ready so they can help you get ready... I can't say this enough. This is also for PHOTOS as well... so the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER can capture the moments of the bride being pampered by her bridal party.

· If you are having your PHOTOS taken as you are getting ready… make sure all your bridal party will be there to participate along with any other members of the family like Mom, Dad and siblings. Schedule at least 10 minutes for these PHOTOS.
· Make sure you schedule at least 10 minutes with one on one time with your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER to get beautiful before PHOTOS of you, the bride.

· Make sure all bridal party knows and understand how to bustle your WEDDING gown before the wedding. This is so important because you don’t want to be bothered with figuring out how to bustle your dress at the WEDDING RECEPTION.

· Make sure all the groomsmen and groom are scheduled with the PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER for before shots. Usually 10 minutes or so.

· Ushers, as they seat the guests they should also be the ones to open the doors for you as you make your grand entrance for the WEDDING, also to open the doors when you are introduced into your WEDDING RECEPTION as Mr. & Mrs.

· If you have candles on your tables for your decor make sure you choose one friend or family member that will be in charge of lighting all the candles.

· If you supply bubbles for your first dance… make sure someone is in charge of passing them out and explain to the guests what they are for.

· If you have a candle ceremony make sure at your rehearsal the mothers of bride and groom (or a stand in) to light the two small candles right before they are seated for the WEDDING ceremony. The bride and groom use the lit candles to light the unity candle then blow out the two single candles and set them down . (make sure someone puts a lighter on the table)

During rehearsal… make sure officiate is standing right in the middle of arch and the bride and groom will be properly on each side. The bride on the left and the groom on the right.

See my next blog for WEDDING and RECEPTION time line TIPS.
WEDDING Time Line Tips

This is a traditional outline for a wedding ceremony
You are the bride!
Do what ever you wish on your special day.

At the WEDDING ceremony

· Assign someone to line up the bridal party as they will be entering.

· Make sure everyone is relaxed and walks slowly down the aisle with a smile

· When the bridal march begins have the officiate ask everyone to raise and turn towards the door. Wait 15 seconds while anticipation builds up, take a deep breath, then very slowly walk down the aisle smiling towards your guests and at last your life partner.

· As the WEDDING ceremony begins the bride hands her bouquet to the maid or matron of honor. Then take each others hands and face each other… do not be hesitant to look back at your guests and smile so they and PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER can get plenty of PHOTOS.

· As the bride reaches the altar the matron of honor or bride’s maid should straighten your dress each time it is needed.

· When it comes time to do that 1st kiss… hold that kiss so all can take PHOTOS… then hug….. turn and face your guests with smiles hand in hand… pause about 30 seconds for all your guests to get their first PHOTOS of the newly married couple. Most important your PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.

· The bride receives her WEDDING bouquet back and proceeds to walk back down the aisle slowly with her new partner hand in hand smiling to the end of the aisle. Find a comfortable stopping point so that the guests may greet you on their way out to the reception. (about 10 minutes depending on how many guest you have)

· Have someone in charge to announce that all guests go to WEDDING RECEPTION as the just married couple with bridal party and family stay behind for after WEDDING PHOTOS. Approximately 30 to 45 minutes for after WEDDING PHOTOS.
· Very important that no one from the bridal party leave.

· If there is elderly or possibly handicapped guests Those PHOTOS should be taken first along with the WEDDING Officiate

· Have one of the bridal party in charge of helping the WEDDING RECEPTION DJ organizing the bridal party for introduction into the WEDDING RECEPTION. As bridal party are announced by name they should enter WEDDING RECEPTION room with smiles, stop in the middle of the dance floor for  PHOTOS, and go to one side of the dance floor facing guests.

· When bride and groom enter the room all guests and bridal party should be standing… blowing bubbles if supplied. Clapping with a nice warm welcome for the bride and groom as they work their way to the center of the dance floor for their first dance.

· Blessing for food… optional.

· WEDDING RECEPTION DJ announces food will be served… or the Buffet is open beginning with the bride and groom… then bridal party then family. WEDDING RECEPTION DJ will announce table by table if buffet style.

· Towards the end of dinner…. the WEDDING RECEPTION DJ will announce toasts will start. This can be the most entertaining part of the evening to start the WEDDING RECEPTION with love and laughter.
· After the toasts follows
· the WEDDING RECEPTION DJ will announce the Father daughter dance
· Mother son dance.
· Any other special dances.
· The WEDDING RECEPTION DJ will start the celebration will start with dance music of your choice. Integrating later on the
· Garter toss
· Bouquet toss
· Catcher toss
· Cake cutting
· Last dance

· Create an exit for the married couple to leave for example line all the guests in two rows so the married couple can walk through as bubbles are being blown upon them.

This is just a traditional outline. Add or change anything you would like. Have the most beautiful stress free day of your life.
Congratulations again!

Wishing you the best and a blissful eternity.

More WEDDING TIPS on the way from Rina Marie.

For other great information visit our other WEDDING BLOGS.

By Rina Marie Braley-Yanko

Please check out my next WEDDING BLOG for some great WEDDING TIPS to save you money, time and sanity. As you read you will see that I will emphasize TIME… It is TIME that will make or break any special event. Time wasted is money wasted.

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