Hiring a great DJ for your celebration is a challenge similar to gambling. Unless you hire DJs on a regular basis you probably have little to no experience doing it. You would be very lucky if your selection is a success.

To start with you need to make a decision if you want a cheap DJ, a good DJ, or a great DJ. Referring back to gambling, getting a great DJ cheap is like being dealt a Royal Flush in poker.

Cheap DJ- if your budget is less than $100 an hour for a DJ we suggest that you rent a pair of powered speakers and have a friend hook up their laptop to play the music for you. That way if your party music is a flop at least you didn't pay anybody to make it that way. Owning and maintaining a professional DJ system and keeping current with their music selection is expensive. You should not expect to have a professional for the price of a hobbyist. A good indication that you are dealing with a cheap DJ will be that they give you their Facebook name instead of their website address. A cheap DJ could possibly ruin your party and you may end up managing your DJ instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself with your guests. $75-$300 for A 4 hour party or wedding. http://a-better-dj.smugmug.com/WEDDING-DJ-PHOTOGRAPHER-VIDEO

Good DJ- A good DJ will be much better than a cheap DJ but not near as good as a great DJ. A good DJ will have a better system, a lot more experience, a better music selection, and will do a good job playing music for your party. You can expect to pay $300-750 for 4 hours at a party or $400-$750 for a wedding. We will provide a good DJ for your wedding or party for only $399! Be sure to calls us and we'll explain how we do it!

Great DJ- if you are hiring a DJ for a wedding we highly recommend hiring a great DJ. At a wedding a DJ is not just someone that shows up and plays music, they are your DJ, your master of ceremonies, and most importantly your "day of" coordinator for your reception. Your great DJ will run your reception from the moment you arrive from your after ceremony photos until the end of your last dance. He/she will be the one with the expertise and experience to make sure that your reception runs smoothly and that your guests are thoroughly entertained.

You should normally expect to pay between $1000-3500 for an expert wedding DJ. With us you will get a great wedding DJ for only $699, but if you insist on spending more we will provide you with a fabulous DJ in a tux that would normally charge $2500 or more for only $1999! http://a-better-dj.smugmug.com/WEDDING-DJ-PHOTOGRAPHER-VIDEO

Your wedding DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your wedding celebration. Keep this in mind when you decide how much of your budget you want to invest in your entertainment. Many brides allow more money in their budget for their centerpieces than they do for their DJ, and when surveyed after their reception they wish that they and spent more to hire a professional DJ.

A month after your wedding your guests won't remember your decor, your centerpieces, your cake, or the food. What they will remember is if they had a great time with the DJ that you selected.

We have done well over 11,000 weddings and events. If you need help prioritizing your budget so that you can afford a great wedding DJ give us a call. Free planning assistance is included in every wedding package!

We specialize in helping brides get excellent local DJs for their weddings at much better prices than they could get themselves. We have almost 2,000 great DJs in our network that are willing to perform in our budget packages at a much lower price than they would charge you if you contacted them direct. Give us a call and we'll explain how you can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars when you choose A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER. 321-412-3878 CLICK HERE TO GO TO PRICES

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