Your wedding DJ-MC-"day of" coordinator is 100% responsible for the fun at your reception!

Your wedding DJ is one of the most important parts of your special day! Don't hire a cheap wedding DJ, budget wedding DJ, or affordable wedding DJ without checking professional wedding DJ prices with a reputable company like us. When surveyed most brides agreed that they would have spent more money on their DJ and got better entertainment.

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Nobody was assigned to say grace so the cheap wedding DJ decided to take it upon himself to do it. Five minutes later (after several eye rolls by the bride and mentioning 3-4 times how hungry he was) he finished stumbling through his rambling speech and sermon and announced the bride and groom should start the buffet. (by this time half of the guests were already in line)

 During dinner the budget wedding DJ continued to play big band music and threw in some RnB music for this country crowd.

 After dinner this affordable wedding DJ totally forgot about toasts (they never happened) and the father-daughter and mother son dances (these happened at the end of the night after all but 10 people were gone) and started playing some obscure 80s dance music (not hits), a few people danced, and a few people left. After a few songs the cheap wedding DJ then announced "we're going to do the Cha Cha Slide so everybody line up". About 8 guests came to the dance floor and the budget wedding DJ started playing the worst version I have ever heard. By the time the song was over 4 guests were still on the floor until Foreigner "Hot Blooded" started to play. As the dance floor cleared the cheap wedding DJ announced to everyone flocking out the door that in 8 minutes we would do the cake cutting. He then put on "Boot Scootin' Boogie" Which 4 of the 10 guests left inside danced to. ( A little late do ya' think?)

 5 minutes later the affordable wedding DJ announced that in 8 minutes we are going to cut the cake and then went outside to let the 70 or so remaining guests know as well. He came back in and played AC/DC "Girl's Got Rhythm" and 2 people danced followed by Sinatra "The Way You Look Tonight" 2 other people danced.

 Then everyone came inside and it was time to cut the cake. The budget wedding DJ showed the BnG how to hold the knife for photos (photographer's job) and then went back to his system and did a 3 minute speech about cutting the cake. After 3 tries found the right song and the cake was cut.

 The cheap wedding DJ then called everyone to the dance floor for some crazy game called "curly twist" with a hula hoop. About 10 guests participated but the BnG couldn't because people were lined up to say goodbye and there was a mass exodus. (at this point we are about 1 1/2 hours into a 4 hour reception.

 By the time the game was done there were about 15 guests left (including the 10 person bridal party) out of the original 90. The cheap wedding DJ announced it was time for the garter and bouquet toss.

 When the remaining 15 guests assembled on the dance floor the affordable wedding DJ proceeded to line up the groomsmen behind the seated bride for a photo (again the photographer's job), then went back to playing music after a 5 minute silence. (there were about 10 of these dead air periods throughout the evening ranging from 1-5 minutes but at least only 5-6 songs got cut off or just stopped in the middle of the song) After 3 tries he got the right garter song and after 4 tries he got the right bouquet song. Other than that these 2 important traditions went smoothly!

 At this point their affordable wedding DJ announces that in 10 minutes we are going to play some more games... but by this time the bride had had enough and sent her mom over to instruct the cheap wedding DJ "no more games". He followed up with a few country songs that all 15 of the remaining people danced to and then switched to a RnB song that cleared the dance floor and also created an exit for 5 more guests.

 By this time we are just over 2 hours into the reception and the bride is in tears. Her vision of her reception was a high energy country dance party with lots of drinking, hooting and hollering. Her friends and family were all country music fans and line dancers and had arrived expecting to have a fantastic evening. She told the wedding DJ play the rest of this song, then our last dance, and let's call it a night.

 The groom told me that they had sent the cheap wedding DJ a songlist with 4 hours of great music to dance to and he had confirmed the day before that he had all their requests ready to go. He played 3 songs total off their list... 3 SONGS!

 The cheap wedding DJs system had 2 10" speakers, several huge lights that were aimed at the ceiling near him (non shining on the dance floor). His set up looked nice but throughout the night there were several long pauses, quite a few feedback noises, and 5 or 6 songs either cut off or just stopped. Every announcement he made was very long and he seemed very confused about what he was saying.

 So how much did this couple save with this wedding DJ? NOTHING! His regular price is $350 for a wedding but he dropped it to $200 to match our add-on price. Our regular starting price for an excellent and very experienced professional wedding DJ is $699. We have special budget packages where you can get a great wedding DJ and and an affordable wedding photographer for only $999, or wedding DJ, affordable wedding photographer, and ceremony video for only $1299.

 The thing that scares me the most about this particular cheap wedding DJ is that his card says he also specializes in sweet 16 parties LOL!

 In Summary

When you choose your wedding DJ be very careful. A wrong decision can turn your vision of a beautiful celebration with family and friends into a nightmare and an empty ballroom. Your DJ is the most important of your wedding reception and is about 85% of the success of your special day.

 If you need to cut back somewhere else to afford a great wedding DJ... do it! If you are trying to find a wedding DJ for under $400 you would probably be much better off to rent a pair of powered speakers and hook up your IPOD and have a friend run it... that way when your reception is a total flop at least you didn't pay somebody to make it that way!


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