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This is NOT an official Earl's Hideaway page!

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Band schedule

In case you missed the 7-5-15 outstanding performance of our friends the Artimus Pyle Band here is a great video interview and most of the concert. The Artimus Pyle Band plays Lynyrd Skynyrd music the way it should be played!

The Artimus Pyle band, here's an exclusive interview and most of the concert!

On June 1 we created an unofficial page where fans of Earl's can join the group and post your own photos from shows that you see at Earl's!

Facebook fan page

Stop for a couple of minutes and enjoy slideshows of

some pictures from past events at Earl's!

Award winning talent - free concerts!

There's always great music and fun times at Earl's Hideaway!

The Leathernecks, a group of former Marines that ride motorcycles

The Leathernecks, a group of former US Marines that ride motorcycles. Thank you for serving our country!

Aren't these people frightening?

A typical Sunday afternoon crowd at Earl's. Frightening aren't they?

On Sundays you'll also find our good friend Fancy Nancy set up under a tent next to the stage with CDs, shirts, and other merchandise available from the bands you see. After their shows most bands come out and meet 'n' greet with the fans, pose with them for pictures,  and sign the items you bought. Earl's is definitely a music fan friendly venue!

Fancy Nancy

Click on the green links below to see high resolution photos from each of these fabulous performances at

Earl's Hideaway

Tell your friends to meet you at Earl's for the best live music in Sebastian

Archived photos

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