2013 SIMPLE MAN CRUISE VII PHOTOS - Rock Legends Photographers and A Better DJ - Blues Concert Photos

Welcome music fans!!! For those of you that don't know us, we are Rock Legends Photographers and A Better DJ. We connect the bands with the fans and shoot over half a million concert photos a year to share with you! Wholesale photo printing is available for most galleries! We do weddings, parties, and events all over the country as well. We are also Molly Hatchet's photographers so stop by and join the official fan page on FB.

This page will contain live links to all of the concert photos, band photos, crowd photos, Key West photos, Great Stirrup Cay photos, meet and greet photos, and fan photos. Be sure and bookmark the page, share it with your friends, and visit and like our Facebook page to stay current with the concerts, festivals, and music cruises we are shooting. Also visit our magazines Real Rock News and Beat Magazine.

Unfortunately we can not offer wholesale prints from the Simple Man Cruise, but you can print them on your own. Find the photo you want, click on it to make it big, then just right click on it and save it to your computer. You'll find things you saw, things you didn't see, and things you're not sure if you saw or not.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Molly Hatchet trivia and meet and greet

Molly Hatchet deck show Tuesday 10-22-13

Molly Hatchet show Stardust

Sunday Molly Hatchet deck show Wednesday




Vow renewal

Alumni shirt ceremony


Fans- places- things

Drake White photos

Auction Guitar photos

Aaron Lewis photos

Preacher Stone with Twinkle

Blackberry Smoke

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Georgia Satellites


Layla Southern

Heather Lutrell

Great Stirrup Cay

Key West

A Thousand Horses

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