KARAOKE AT CROWNE PLAZA 7 2 15 - A Better DJ and Photographer

The Crowne Plaza is the ultimate venue to plan your wedding or event at. The food is excellent, staff friendly and efficient, and the views are priceless! Add in fairly priced rooms and the Crowne Plaza is the only place to consider for your beach-side wedding in central Florida. A Better DJ and Photographer offers expert wedding DJ-MC service and spectacular wedding photography starting at just $800 for both services. Give us a call at 321-412-3878 and we'll help you make your Crowne Plaza wedding be a magical day!

These photos were taken during Karaoke by Rockstar Entertainment hosts Michael and Rina Marie at the Crowne Plaza on 7-2-15.

Concert and band photos are available to bands and management  -

call 321-412-3878.

A Better DJ and Photographer provides top notch DJ and photography services for your wedding, party, event, Sweet 16 party, corporate event, holiday party, and more,

all at great prices anywhere in the country.

Their expert wedding DJ and wedding photography package prices are very affordable and they will help you create the perfect package for your event and budget. Free planning assistance and wholesale photo printing is available to all of their clients!

Their performances are legendary!

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