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As we mentioned if you get full wedding video coverage of your ceremony and reception it will be full of precious personal moments that you will treasure forever. This could be the very last opportunity to capture the images and voices of loved ones that you may never see again! You MUST find a way to at least afford video of your ceremony but if there is any way possible get a full coverage wedding video package. Whether you take advantage of our spectacular wedding video package prices or hire somebody else to shoot your wedding video... it will be worth a thousand times what you pay for it at some point in time.

"This may be the last time you can capture ALL of your family in one place and at one time! I don't know how many brides and grooms have come up to me thanking me for pushing them to get a videographer to document their day. The number one reason they are thanking me is because they have since lost a grandparent or a loved one and are using this video to memorialize their time and memories of this person. They will have this video to show their own children and grand children (when the time comes) of their grandparents and others that have since passed on. Often, the person in question is speaking to the bride and groom and hearing their voice will bring emotions and life to the "picture".

It becomes a historical value that cannot be replaced with a still shot...
this is why I tell brides and grooms YOU MUST find a way to afford the is a need!"
Suz Haire,
Studio Events

"Studio Events has perhaps stated one of the best reasons for why bridal couples should incorporate professional video into their wedding plans. We were booked for a wedding on August 14, 2010. We were informed that on August 18, 2010, just four days later, the bride's grandmother had died. There is no doubt that our video images of the grandmother were the last images taken.

There also is no doubt in our minds that whatever value the family placed on their decision to have professional video for their wedding that value has gone up 100 fold. In addition the family wants to add a short in memoriam to their wedding video to honor the bride's grandmother."


We here at A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER had a similar experience... less than a week after the wedding the Bride's grandmother passed away. She was so thankful that we had talked her into doing the video and was tearfully surprised when she found out that we had taken some special videos and photos of her grandmother that she didn't even know about... including clips of her with each of her great-grandchildren individually!

Find a way to at least afford including video of your ceremony!

If you are still reading this you are now pretty sure that you want to add wedding video to your plans... but isn't that really expensive?

No, it doesn't have to be! Through our special wedding package pricing you can add wedding video of your ceremony filmed by your affordable wedding  photographer for as little as $300! If you truly want to capture ALL the special moments at both your ceremony and your reception you can add a full 6 hours of professional wedding video coverage for only $799!

Here's what is usually included:
WEDDING VIDEO basic 5 hour package usually includes
BEFORE THE WEDDING before ceremony  usually including:
video of the venue
video of your decorations
video of the cake
video of guests arriving

Then on to the


videos which feature if possible:

  • guest video
  • groomsmen and groom lined up
  • officiant
  • bridal party coming down the aisle
  • bride making her grand entrance
  • groom's face when first sees bride
  • bride coming down the aisle
  • escort handing off the bride
  • many candid videos during ceremony
  • rings going on fingers
  • sand/candle ceremony
  • 1st kiss
  • bride and groom turning to face the crowd as newlyweds
  • bridal party exiting the ceremony area

Then off for the formal after wedding VIDEO:

These will vary depending on your selections from our planner

Then on to the
WEDDING RECEPTION for videos of:
up to 4 hours time coverage.

  • the bridal party entering
  • the bridal party being introduced
  • the bride and groom's grand entrance
  • the first dance with the bridal party in the background
  • the bride and groom being seated
  • the food
  • the bride and groom's first bite
  • candid table shots
  • people making toasts
  • father/daughter dance
  • mother son dance
  • any other special dances
  • candid dance floor shots
  • video portraits and candid shots of your guests
  • garter removal
  • garter toss
  • bouquet toss
  • catchers putting garter on
  • last dance
You will receive an edited mini-movie of highlights from the above set to a song of your choice posted on Youtube for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy. You can also purchase all of the raw footage in DVD format for only $21.20 including tax and delivery. Our video is (usually) either shot in high definition or on cinematic film with great sound.

These are not Uncle Harry consumer quality camcorder videos, these are professional videos taken with high MP DSLR or TV quality professional video cameras. Don't trust preserving all the special moments of your special day to a friend or relative with a consumer video camcorder. Whether you hire us or hire someone else, please hire a professional for your wedding video. There are no re-dos on special moments and you only have 1 chance to get it right.

Video of your ceremony only $300
5 hours total wedding and reception coverage only $799
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