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When it comes to hiring a professional wedding DJ, photographer, and/or videographer, you have too many choices, and probably not much experience at doing it. A Better DJ and Photographer has some of the most affordable top level wedding DJ - photographer- video packages in the country! No other company can offer these professional performances at the budget friendly prices you pay with us! Our extensive experience and expert planning assistance takes a lot of the stress from planning your wedding or event!


It's all about  fun!!!

We provide amazing DJ-MC entertainment,

stunning photographs in natural color, 

and fantastic HD video,

all at great prices!

We will help you

make your wedding,

party, or event

be the best one ever!

Call for today's special 321-617-3169 Professional wedding DJ -or Photographer - or video

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Wouldn't you love to have someone on your team who has done over 15,000 beautiful weddings and over 5,000 other events to help make your wedding or celebration perfect, plus save you a lot of money at the same time?

Our packages include a lot more than most other vendors do! Why pay more and get less? Call for more details.


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Look at the skin color in our photos. Look at the detail in the wedding dresses. Look at the smiles on the faces of the people in the celebration photos. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce photos in your natural color in the lighting that surrounds you.

You DO deserve to  have a  great time at your reception


get excellent photos and video at an

affordable price,  don't you?

In a nutshell

We offer superb DJ-photographer-video services anywhere in the country at budget friendly prices.

Most people don't have much knowledge or experience hiring

a DJ, photographer, and/or videographer while planning a wedding or event. 

We invested over 8 years  working about 80 hours a week putting together a network of very extraordinary DJs, accomplished photographers, and professional videographers around the country that are willing to discount their great performances in our budget friendly packages. We love to travel, and we spend late spring to early fall on the road doing weddings all over the country. In summer 2021 we put on 20,000 miles doing weddings in 23 states.  If we are not personally available for your date, we will assign  excellent local professionals that are part of our network. All of our staff have extensive experience, outgoing personalities, and they will do a perfect job for you.

Expert planning assistance is included in every one of our packages which will help make planning your wedding, celebration, or event much easier and a lot less stressful. As one of country's largest nationwide DJ and photography companies we have done over 20,000 successful weddings and events with an A+ BBB rating

since 1999.

Did you know... in a recent survey it was revealed that 83% of  single operator DJs and photographers are part time, or hobbyists?

Wouldn't you rather have seasoned professionals helping you plan your celebration to be amazing?

Professional photography, video, or  DJ-MC services start at just $399. All of our staff are very experienced and have the right professional gear to get the job done right.

Your cost for our DJs,   photographers, and videographers through us will be far below what you would pay them if you contacted them directly.

You will save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality!

We also offer wholesale prices on prints for all of our clients.

Call 321-617-3169  to reserve your date

weekdays until midnight

We are closed on weekends to better serve our clients.

No matter how much more you pay

you will not get better services than you will through us! Nobody does weddings better!

Why pay more if you don't have to?

Wedding photo samples


Celebration and Event photo samples


Pick up the phone and call now to ask about

today's special! 321-617-3169 

weekdays until midnight

We are available 

nationwide, including YOUR area!

We offer special pricing in Central Florida if Michelle and I are personally open for your date. Only 1 wedding per date, call for your discounted price! 

Top notch wedding DJ-photographer-video performances at a great price!

321-617-3169 weekdays

These prices are valid nationwide. We also offer wholesale professional photo printing to EVERYONE! 8x10s only $10, 5x7s only $5.

Call to book now


until midnight weekdays

We have done over 20,000 successful weddings and events!

2022 all year special party or event DJ and professional photographer- 4 hours only $1199!

(we specialize in Sweet 16/teen parties and corporate events!)

Let's rock your wedding reception!

When it comes to selecting a DJ and or photographer

for your wedding or event there are so many choices that it makes it a difficult decision for someone with very little or no experience hiring a DJ or photographer.

Your DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your event. He/she is not just someone that plays music. They are your master of ceremonies and for weddings they are also your “day of “ coordinator for your reception. Your DJ will be entertaining your guests for the duration of your event. If they are not very experienced it could go really bad, and if so,  your event will be really bad too.

Your photographer is responsible to capture every important moment so it is crucial that they have the experience, the skills, and the professional equipment to do it properly. We've done many weddings where the client had already hired a photographer before they found us and they did not get a lot of the professional photos they should have gotten. So many shots were missed and sometimes they were very important moments or family photos.  If your photographer is an amateur you can expect some bad lighting, bad color, blurry photos, and a lot of missed shots. Ask potential photographers if they do this full time or is it just a hobby?

You may save a little bit of money but if either of these people turn out to be a disaster is it worth it? Your event is probably too important to you to be part of someone's learning curve.

Remember, just because a DJ or photographer

charges a lot more money than we do, it doesn't

mean that they are as good as we are

at a much lower cost.

So basically you have 3 choices, you can take your chances and go really cheap, you can overpay and go really expensive, or you can go for extensive experience at a great price with us. With us you will get outstanding professional performances for just a little more than an amateur will charge. Give us a call so we can answer all your questions and help you reserve your date. The call is free and you will immediately see how wonderful your event will be when you choose A Better DJ and Photographer.

We have done our homework!

We offer the best prices in the country for top level performances!

Top notch DJ and photographer performances

at budget friendly prices!

If you are looking for an exciting interactive professional wedding DJ-MC

and/or a spectacular professional wedding photograper

call us right now. 

You will save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars

on your wedding without sacrificing quality!

For wedding video samples click here

We do professional party and event DJ and photography services too! We have performed at over 20,000  successful parties and events since 1999. We also specialize in birthday parties, Sweet 16-teen parties, military and corporate events, and family reunions! Call right now to book your date.

Expert DJ-MC services, spectacular photography, or HD video packages starting at just $399.

All of our clients get wholesale prices on professional printing!

Our custom wedding packages give you exactly what you need at a great price. Call now!


until midnight weekdays

Just some of the many awards our team has earned since 2011 for outstanding DJ and photography services. We are affordable and will customize your package to make your celebration perfect!

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rudy Diane thank you

You may have seen us on TV in your area. We have been voted best DJ, photographer and videographer in many parts of the country. Our budget friendly packages make it affordable to have spectacular services without paying signature name prices or sacrificing quality!

Find us on WeDJ.com

We know for a fact that you cannot get near the quality of professional service that we offer for anywhere close to the prices we charge anyplace in the country.

You can find cheaper prices, but you definitely will get a lot less quality and maybe even ruin your celebration by making the wrong choice! You can also spend a lot more money and still not get the quality that we offer. No matter how much or how little you spend you will not get the expertise of over 20,000 weddings and events unless you hire A Better DJ and Photographer!

You really owe it to yourself and your guests to make that call for a free consultation so you can at least find out what your event would be like if you choose to have it done by true professionals.

321-617-3169 weekdays

until midnight

We are based in Florida but have professional staff nationwide with outstanding service and spectacular performances. Some dates for 2022 and 2023 are still available. We are now booking dates for 2024. Call now to reserve your date before someone else does!

Wedding photos are beautiful, but if your budget allows it you should add video of at least your ceremony. Photos never could have captured these priceless moments.

We did not shoot this video

Ask us why you don't want guests taking

pictures at your wedding and ruining some of your

wedding pictures

How would you like to have someone

on your team who has done over 20,000 

successful weddings and events

help make your wedding or celebration perfect,

plus,  save you a lot of money at the same time?

IMG_0537 CR2 (2)

We provide excellent
DJ, photography, and video services
anywhere in the country
at great prices!

Can you feel the love in this picture? We will capture images like this for you that you will treasure forever!


Whether your celebration is at the Ritz-Carlton or you are having a back yard barbecue,

your expert DJ will make sure that your guests will have the time of their lives

and your photographers will capture the moments for you!

Whether you want a cheap DJ, an expert DJ, affordable photography,

two high end photographers,  or any combination of the above,

we will help you put the perfect wedding package together within your budget.

You will be able to order professional wedding pictures

at wholesale rates!

If you want non professional prints

you can also opt to download all of your high resolution

images with printing rights for only $100 regardless of how many there are!

*Click here* to learn more about us!


Your DJ is 85% responsible for the success

of your reception or celebration.

When you choose us,

your DJ will be interactive and

make it fun for ALL ages!

When your celebration is over

your guests will tell you that yours

was the best celebration they have ever attended.



until midnight weekdays

for more information

and custom prices


We offer extensive professional experience, planning assistance, and great prices too! If you want a fun and exciting DJ-MC-entertainer - affordable photographer that takes spectacular photos - for your wedding-party-or event, you've come to the right place. We offer some of the best budget friendly prices and value in the country! If you are looking for a high end DJ and photography package, we can help you there too, but at better rates than you will find elsewhere! Wholesale wedding picture printing is also available to all of our clients. Call now for special package rates 321-617-3169

We do many military weddings.

We offer a 15% military discount on any packages that are not on special.

We are proud to create custom packages for our military!

Thank you for serving our country!

God bless our soldiers!


For your convenience and protection all retainers

are made through Paypal...

Paypal now offers 6 months same as cash

with no interest with your good credit.

Just ask and we'll send you an invoice!


until midnight weekdays

If you want a custom collage

just tell us what photos you want in it

and we'll make it for you. We can even add

custom text before we add it to your gallery!

Collages are the perfect gift for your parents!

Custom collages make great 8x10 gifts for parents


Fantastic rates on custom designed wedding or party packages! Call now and we'll help you put together the perfect wedding or party package. Your guests will say that your celebration was the best that they have ever attended! 321-617-3169

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Everything you just read is 100% true,

so stop reading, pick up the phone

and call us!


until midnight weekdays

We'll answer all your questions, give

you great prices, and help you reserve

your date before someone else books it!

We have done our homework and we know for a fact that you cannot get near  the quality of professional service that we offer for anywhere close to the prices

we charge anyplace in the country. You can find

cheaper prices, but you definitely will get a lot less quality

and maybe even ruin your celebration by making the wrong choice! 

You really owe it to yourself and your guests to make that call for a free consultation so you can at least find out what your event would be like  if you choose to have it done by top professionals.

We are available anywhere in the country, including out in the country!

All of our clients enjoy wholesale rates for professional picture printing!


The rates you pay for printing will be comparable to what you would pay

for non professional prints from your local drug store or savings mart.

Call for specials 321-617-3169! after 11 AM - midnight weekdays

A lot of churches do not allow flash photography.

It is important that your photographer has fast, low light lenses so your pictures aren't blurry with orange skin!

We have great packages for royalty too!

Knowing where to be at the right time to catch the shot is crucial in wedding photography, like in this special moment captured of a groom with his new daughter as the sun is setting on them!

Sometimes the special moments we capture are priceless!

Some of your pictures will just beg to become black and white photos!

If you decide to add getting ready pictures to your package we will

help you coordinate the timing so they are stress free and fun!

Getting ready pictures are a treasure that you should consider adding to your package!

Affordable photography is just a phone call away! 5 hours coverage for only $999

We capture getting ready pictures for your Sweet 16 or Quinceanera princesses too!

Want your friends to say you threw the best party EVER? Give us a call!


Free engagement pictures Riverside Park in Cocoa Village are included with every photo package!

We love to capture the natural beauty at the beach! Who needs a studio?

When you choose us you can just relax after your ceremony while we take over and make everything flow perfectly so you can celebrate with your friends and family without worrying about running your reception!

Be sure and ask your officiant how close we will be able to get for ceremony photos.

It's not easy to get all of a group this big into one picture and be able to see every person's face. Don't trust your wedding photos to an amateur that doesn't have the right equipment and experience to do it right - hire a professional!

We do destination weddings too! Our extensive experience assures you that everthing will go just the way you wanted it to! Free planning assistance is included in every package. Our easy to use E-planner will take all the stress out of planning your destination wedding!

If you are going to elope we have budget friendly wedding photography packages just for you! Only $499!

Wireless mics are a staple in our basic DJ package and help create moments like this for us to capture!

Quinceaneras are almost like weddings in that there are lots of formal events to capture. Our staff is ready to capture those special moments for you!

At your Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Quince, or teen birthday party, we will capture those pictures with you and your friends that you will treasure forever!

Karaoke can be a fun add-on for a celebration. We don't charge extra for it as long as you tell us in advance that you want it!

We do birthday parties for all ages! We've done them from 1 year old to 95!


So now that you know that we provide superb services for DJ and photography for your celebration, the only thing left to do is give us a call and see how easy it is to book top notch talent at a fraction of their normal prices!

Our team members have won many awards including

the Knot "Best of the Knot,"

Weddingwire "Bride's Choice"

and many more.

Our DJs are selected for their skills, personality,

and ability to professionally coordinate

a wedding reception. You can find cheaper DJs,

but you won't find anywhere near the quality

we provide for anywhere near the prices we charge.

We have done over 20,000 successful weddings and events since 1999!

Thank you for considering our services!
GOD Bless+
About Your Wedding Staff blog

Choosing your DJ for your reception is a very important part of the planning for your special day. Most brides and their moms have little to no experience at this and making the wrong choice could ruin your reception. If you choose us, you can take advantage of our extensive experience and we'll take all the stress out of planning your special day and replace it with fun!

Your DJ is 85% of the success of your reception. Your DJ is not just someone who shows up and plays music - he/she is your DJ, your MC, and your "day of" coordinator once the reception starts. Your disc jockey will be the one who keeps your reception flowing smoothly. If you hire a poor or inexperienced DJ,  you will wind up running your own reception and managing your DJ instead of relaxing and celebrating with your friends and family!

We hire hundreds of great DJs every year. We spent over 8 years putting together a fabulous network of well over 4,000 very experienced professional DJs and photographers who are available nationwide at a reduced price. With their help we have done over 20,000 successful events and we know exactly what questions to ask to determine if they are the right match for your celebration. Unfortunately the questions that we ask are not the same ones they told you to ask on all those bridal sites and in magazines.

The DJ who we assign to you will be a very experienced professional. We have a prerequisite that our DJs have at least 10 years experience or have done at least 100 weddings. They must have professional equipment, back-up equipment, dance lights and a wireless mic for toasts. The most important things we look for are DJs with winning personalities who are interactive with the guests. Your DJ will bring all of the music that you ask for in advance plus another 50-100,000 songs for requests. He/she will be an expert at sizing up your guests and playing the music that will keep your celebration exciting. It is our goal for every single person that attends your wedding to think that your reception was the best that they have attended!

Most of our DJs typically charge $1000-2,000 for a wedding. We personally handle all the planning assistance and prep work for them so that you are able to get a fabulous DJ for much less than it would cost you to hire them direct! You will get an outstanding DJ with us for only $999. You will save even more with one of our package deals such as both expert DJ and professional photographer for only $1799! Be sure to call for specials - sometimes we run this package for only $1599!

You will be able to find cheaper DJs, but you will not find a professional near as good as what we provide for anywhere near the price we charge. Don't ruin your reception because you tried to save a few bucks! Your reception is the celebration of your marriage, the most special day of your life - give us a call and we'll help you make it spectacular!

Your wedding photographer is another extremely important part of the success of your special day! A month after your celebration nobody is going to remember your dress, your décor, the food or the venue. Basically all they remember is the great time they had at your reception. That's where your professional pictures come in! We choose our staff based on several important things: professional equipment, low light lenses, back up cameras, creativity, their references, their portfolio, and of course their winning personality.

When you go on most photographer's websites what you see are their best, over-edited photos that they use to sell wedding shoots with. On some sites you'll see that some of their featured photos have orange tinted skin and the wedding dresses look like a 500 watt floodlight is shining on it. You have to ask yourself, if these are their best photos, what do the rest look like? People are not orange unless there is an orange light shining on them. Wedding dresses do not glow and have no detail. Here on our site you not only have a large display of lightly edited photos, you also have access to ALL of our recent complete wedding photo shoots. Your pictures will look just like the images that you see here!

Friend of the family photographers

Everybody has one of these! If you use a photographer that is not a professional you will not get professional photos. If you need a doctor and a friend of the family is a dentist... isn't he a doctor too? Your friend of the family is, and will be, a guest. I did a wedding recently where I was the DJ and they used "a friend of the family" as their photographer. His crew consisted of his wife and 4 small children that kept him preoccupied for most of the reception. His camera sat in the bag and did not capture several of the important moments for this couple. 

Then there's those disposable cameras. You can find lots of bridal sites that say to save money just put one on every table and have the guests take the reception pictures. Most people have no idea how to use those. The flash is good for 8 to maybe as much as 10 feet. Beyond that those cameras are useless and you still have to pay to get the film developed and get a whole bunch of lousy pictures back!

And lastly, those horrible low resolution camera phone pictures Unless you want images of your guests holding their cell phone up in most of your pictures we suggest having your DJ announce to please leave the photography to the professionals. Most cell phone pictures really are not that good, especially in the dim light under which receptions are usually hosted. The camera phones that have a flash can also totally destroy the lighting that your professional's camera is expecting to have for the shot. You would not believe how many great wedding reception shots have been ruined with people taking cell phone pictures everywhere in the background!

The professional photographers we use normally charge from $1000-$3500 to shoot a wedding. Because all we ask them to do is capture the images and upload them to our site for editing, you are able to get top notch talent with awesome results at a fraction of their normal price! Our affordable wedding photography package is only $999 and covers both your wedding and reception. You will save even more by getting one of our package deals!

We have superb professional printing available at wholesale prices! You can purchase enough pictures to make a nice album plus get 3 nice pictures for your wall for about $100. If you really want to degrade your wedding memories with a non professional printing source you can download all of them in their original high resolution with unlimited usage rights for only $100! Here's some price examples:
4x6 only $2
5x7only $5
8x10's are only 10 bucks!

What's included in your package?

If you selected our cheap "bare bones" wedding/party DJ he/she will bring a professional DJ sound system, all of the music that you requested in advance and a microphone for the guests that will be acting as your MC and "day of" coordinator.

If you selected our professional wedding DJ package he/she will bring a professional DJ sound system, all of the music that you requested in advance, active dance floor lighting and a wireless microphone for toasts. Your expert DJ will also be your MC and "day of" coordinator to run your reception from the moment you arrive from your after ceremony pictures until the end of your last dance! This DJ will be a very experienced wedding professional who will thoroughly entertain your guests to the level where they say your reception was the best they ever attended!


Let us know on your planner if there are any special shots that you would like to add.

Please ask officiate how close we can be so you get the best stills/video
Reminder: Be sure and assign someone to open the door for the bride.

Bridal party walking down the aisle (As the bride walks down the aisle and reaches the alter.... person who walks bride down the aisle hands her off to the groom. hand your bouquet to your Matron/maid of honor. She should then straighten your train if needed.)

Face each other and hold hands
Photos of Blessings
Ring exchange (turn hands toward photographer, put ring on from under the hand)
Unity candle or sand ceremony
First kiss as Husband and wife (hold that kiss!)
Bridal party walking back down the aisle

Please ask the people below to stay for pictures as other guests go to the reception area.

Bride and groom and officiate
Bride and groom with parents
Bride and groom with grandparents
Bride and groom with parents and siblings
Bride and groom with all family
Bride and groom with children
Bride and groom with Bridal party
Bride with bridesmaids. groom with groomsmen
Bride and groom
Just the bride
Just the groom

Any other special shots you would like... please add to planner above. We take many candid photos/videos as well. 

REMINDER: Be sure and assign someone to open the door for the bridal party.
As each bridal party is introduced we suggest they go right to the center of the dance floor and pose for a picture then stand to the side of the dance floor so all of the bridal party surrounds the dance floor. All guests will be asked by the DJ to rise for the grand introduction for the new husband and wife.
Go to the center of the dance floor for your first dance and photos.

Pictures of food and decorations
All guests seated for a blessing or prayer before dinner
Bride and groom start the buffet or are served first
The newlyweds feeding each other their 1st bite

Take a break and eat!

At the end of dinner... toasts begin
Father – daughter dance
Mother – son dance
any other special family dances
Get the celebration started with dance music
Generation pictures
Many more candid photos
Pictures of couples slow dancing
Guests dancing to wedding dance songs (Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, etc)
Garter removal/Garter toss
Bouquet toss
Catchers’ garter event
Cake cutting
Last dance
Grand Finale

If you decide to go with non professional printing you can download your entire gallery in high resolution original sizes for only $100. You can also have your pictures professionally printed at wholesale prices right here on our site.


(Price varies based on time and distance)
Bride getting ready with wedding party Bride with mom (and dad) Groom getting ready with groomsmen, Mom or best man pinning flower on groom Many candid pictures

So how do we offer such cheap rates when others cost so much?

We personally handle all marketing, sales, planning assistance and staff coordination for your special day. We also personally edit every picture to ensure uniform results. We handle all of the pre-event planning and assistance until the week of your wedding so all your staff needs to do is make a quick introduction call, and deliver an outstanding performance. This saves them a lot of time and saves you a lot of money. The national average cost for our professional DJ, photographer, and videographer package is almost 3 times our prices. We specialize in affordable budget wedding packages, so why pay more if you don't have to? If you choose to take advantage of our extensive experience we'll take the stress of planning right out of the picture!

If you have taken the time to read all of this then you know that we are the obvious choice to provide your wedding staff. Give us a call and we'll help you put together the perfect package to make your special day spectacular with budget friendly prices!

Why choose us?

Low prices, awards, experience, expertise, excellent staff, free expert personal planning assistance, and "day of" coordination!

Start with the obvious savings of getting all 4 services with only one overhead. Then factor in the thousands of happy clients we have, the numerous awards our teams have won, the thousands of hours we've spent recruiting some of the best wedding DJs and awesome wedding photographers in the country, plus the fact that we offer some of the lowest prices in the country for professional yet affordable packages. On top of that, once we receive your deposit we will email you our exclusive event e-planner, which will make planning your special day a breeze.

Make your special day everything you dreamed it would be... and more!

We started our concept of "budget" wedding and party packages long before the current recession hit. We discovered that there was a huge demand for professional services from people who simply could not afford a high end $2500 DJ wearing a tux that is more expensive than the groom's, or a "signature" photographer that considers his or her work "art" and charges for every click of the shutter accordingly. If you are planning on spending $5-10,000 on your DJ and photographer you are on the wrong site, but call us and we'll refer you to someone appropriate.

We are based in Cocoa, Florida and currently operate a network of well over 4,000 DJs, photographers,  and videographers located in all 50 states. We provide top talent in discount packages at budget friendly prices. 

Whether you are planning one of our famous Florida destination weddings, a simple beach ceremony, a huge celebration at the Ritz, or a back yard barbecue, we are your best choice for expert DJS and awesome pictures at budget friendly prices. We are dedicated to making it possible for everyone to have an expert DJ/MC and professional photographer for little more than a wedding DJ would normally charge! You do not have to be on a tight budget to enjoy these savings.

In the 1st 7 years of our history we grew from being a single operator Karaoke host in a local club to being the largest DJ and photography company in Florida. Now we are one of the largest nationwide providers of wedding and party DJ and photography packages in the country. We are the ONLY nationwide DJ and photography company with a 99.999% customer satisfaction rate!

 How much experience do you personally have hiring a DJ and PHOTOGRAPHER?

We understand that most people just don't have the time or experience to effectively shop for a Disc Jockey or professional photographer for their wedding or party. That's one of the main reasons why our clients hire us to do it for them! If you are looking for a great DJ or an affordable photographer, we book hundreds of them for our clients every year. We've spent thousands of hours recruiting, interviewing, verifying references, reviewing portfolios, judging personalities of our DJs and photographers to perform at top notch levels with the latest techniques. We keep our network Disc Jockeys updated with the most current music lists and our photographers updated with the newest camera technology to give you excellent wedding photos. Trust our extensive experience and expertise to do a better job than you could do yourself. Our hiring, evaluation and training expertise makes it easy for us to place the perfect DJ and photographer at your wedding and reception, or the perfect party DJ for other celebrations.

If you were to contact one of our DJs directly you could expect to pay $1000-2500! If you were to contact our photographers directly you could expect to pay $1500-$3500! If you want to meet with your DJ or wedding photographer, sit down and plan out the details of your wedding and reception with them and pay those kind of prices, you can do that! But by booking through us and using our exclusive and easy e-planner you can get both professionals for little more than just a DJ will charge.

Here's a great example. Our clients in Peoria, IL booked one of our $1799 DJ and photographer package specials for their wedding.

We booked their DJ and photographer the Tuesday prior to the wedding. The photographer we got for them usually charges $2499 for her basic photo package. The DJ that we got for them usually charges $1250 for 4 hours. We also provided a 2nd shooter with a degree in photography and 6 years experience wanting to break into the wedding photography business... at no extra charge! Our clients got a $3749 package for only $1799... and they got a 2nd photographer absolutely free! (well they did have to feed her...)

You are probably familiar with some of our award winning photographers and internationally and nationally famous DJS!

Why pay more if you don't have to?

Award winning wedding packages - get the best prices! Call now to reserve your date! 321-617-3169 weekdays

Everything below this point is irrelevant to choosing your DJ, photographer or video. Read through it if you wish but if you need more information to make your decision then it is smarter to give us a call 321-617-3169 weekdays until midnight!



We started right here in FLORIDA and we have been rated as the the most popular DJ or party DISC JOCKEY company in the state. In addition to providing AWARD WINNING BEST DJS, we have AFFORDABLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY and videographers for all of these locations! We will also supply a top rated PARTY DJ and SWEET 16 DJ or a PARTY DISC JOCKEY for your other events.

Back in the day when we were a much smaller company we posted photos, bios, and portfolios of all of our professionals. Once we expanded nationwide in 2010 and 2011 we reached 1,000 professionals and it got impossible to keep up. We abandoned this idea. We have since revised it to just give you an over-all idea of the professionals in our network. The most important thing for you to know is our criteria to become part of our team

For DJs we require:
 at least 10 years experience or over 100 weddings
 party DJs have done at least 25 sweet 16 parties
 professional DJ equipment with backup for all crucial components
 Verifiable references
 outgoing personality
 the ability to successfully be the "day of" coordinator at a wedding
 an extensive music library
 dance lighting
 wireless microphones
 professional appearance
 a tidy presentation of their equipment (cable management)

 Most of our DJs would charge you between $1000 and $3500 if you were to hire them direct. With our budget friendly packages you can get the same experience, professionalism, and performance at a fraction of the price.

For photographers we require:
 at least 10 years experience or over 100 weddings
 high resolution cameras
 External flashes
 professional camera equipment with backup for all crucial components
 Verifiable references
 excellent portfolio
 outgoing personality
 the ability to successfully be the "day of" coordinator at a wedding
 proper lenses
 outstanding creativity
 professional appearance

 Most of our photographers start at $1000 to $3500 and up if you were to contact them directly. Because we handle all of the client management and editing ourselves you can get these same professionals as low as $499, and save even more in our package deals!

For videographers we require:
 at least 5 years experience or over 50 weddings
 high resolution cameras
 professional equipment with backup for all crucial components
 Verifiable references
 excellent video samples
 great editing skills
 outgoing personality
 the ability to successfully be the "day of" coordinator at a wedding
 proper lenses
 professional appearance

 So whether you need a TOP WEDDING-party DJ IN: ORLANDO-TAMPA-JACKSONVILL -BEACH-MIAMI-DAYTONA BEACH-COCOA BEACH-WEST PALM-PORT ST LUCIE-JUPITER-NAPLES-FT MYERS-PENSACOLA-DESTINATION WEDDING DJ,-KISSIMMEE-CLEARWATER-ST PETE-FT LAUDERDALE-Vero Beach-Melbourne-Cocoa-Titusville-Palm Bay-Satellite -Beach-Merritt Island-Melbourne Beach-Sebastian-Fort Pierce-Panama City-Lake City-Tallahassee-Port Orange-Palm Shores-St Augustine-Gainesville-Ocala-Stuart-Sanibel Island-Singer Island-Lakeland or a DJ, PHOTOGRAPHER, or VIDEO in any of the surrounding areas, A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER is your obvious choice! We provide the very experienced DJS and PHOTOGRAPHERS at affordable package prices that will fit your BUDGET! Also great PRICES on award winning expert WEDDING DJ, WEDDING DISC JOCKEY, and AFFORDABLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER currently in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Alaska, California, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO, NEW MEXICO, MICHIGAN, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, MONTANA, NEBRASKA, LOUISIANA, MAINE, COLORADO, Hawaii, and Utah.


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Best wedding and party DJs If you are still reading this page then you have already seen our links to low nationwide wedding and party DJ, photographer, and video package prices. You've also seen links to our photo samples, recent wedding photo shoots, video samples, client testimonials, how it all works, how we can offer such low prices, and you've hopefully learned that your DJ is 85% responsible for the success of your celebration. The next step is to simply pick up the phone, give us a call at 321-617-3169, and share your vision of your celebration. The call is free and there is no obligation. We will explain exactly what your celebration will be like if planned and performed by experienced professionals. We have done over 11,000 successful events across the country and our satisfied customer rate is a whopping 99.999%... that's 1 unhappy customer in over 11,000 weddings, parties, and events, and that 1 wasn't even our fault! So it seems the only question that is still unanswered is how soon we can get started helping you plan the event of a lifetime! We will take all of that planning stress off your back and convert it into planning fun instead. Take advantage of our expertise and experience and make your celebration be the one that all your friends and family say was the best celebration ever! Call now 321-617-3169
We want to make it very clear that we are not going to spend a hundred hours photoshopping all your photos, reshaping your face, removing freckles, changing your lipstick color, changing your nose, or basically making your photos look more like a mannequin than looking like you do. If that is what you are looking for we suggest going with one of the higher end photographers at between $3000-$10,000. What we do as far as editing is lighten dark photos, darken light photos and crop when needed. Yes, if you wake up with a pimple on the end of your nose on your wedding day, we will fix that for you. We are not going to remove your freckles, tattoos or birthmarks. Your photos will look exactly like you do on your wedding day! We will make sure that your wedding dress does not appear whited out or washed out as you see on so many websites (unless you request us not to). If you are looking for a very high end ($3,000-$10,000 range) photographer just let us know. We are members of several groups that have the very best photographers who fall into that category. These professionals do not just take excellent images, their work is art!

Your awesome party package includes an interactive party DJ who will fill your dance floor and a professional photographer who will capture moments like these... all for only $1199! Sweet 16 DJ only $699 Other than saying "I do" your DJ and photographer are the most important part of your celebration. If your budget cannot afford to hire professionals give us a call and we'll help you figure out where to cut back on some of the lesser important parts of your budget at no cost or obligation. A month after your wedding your guests will not remember your flowers, your cake, your centerpieces, your decor or your food... but they will remember if they had a great time at your celebration! When it comes to selecting an affordable wedding photographer keep in mind that we personally edit every photo to ensure consistency in the finished photo. What you see in our photo sample slideshows is exactly what you will receive when you select us to be your affordable wedding photographer. You will not receive photos with a blown out (too white with no detail) dress or orange tinted people. You will have a lot of fun when you hire A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER When you choose us to be your professional wedding DJ, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND VIDEOGRAPHER, our wedding package prices run less than half of the national average prices!

We now offer 6 months no interest financing if you prepay your package!

How would you like to have your wedding, party or event managed by professionals who have done over 20 ,000 successful celebrations???

Why not have top shelf talent and get all-in-one shopping at a great price?
 Exciting wedding or party DJ, affordable wedding photographer,  professional videographer services for your wedding, celebration, party, corporate event, or Sweet 16 party  
You have found the best wedding packages in the country...
now it's up to you to take advantage of it!

Don't be part of some inexperienced DJ or photographer's learning curve!

Call now to reserve your date before someone else does!               
We will take all the stress out of planning your event with expert planning assistance.                          "Day of" coordination is also included in most DJ packages.
We have wedding packages and party packages from as low as $399 to $3999 depending upon your vision of your celebration.

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   affordable wedding photograher - we capture all the moments  best party disc jockey prices  A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER  Your professional DJ will help create the moments and your photographer will capture them for memories to last a lifetime!
       We provide:  an outstanding professional wedding reception DJ-MC-entertainer, an exciting party DJ, a fun sweet 16 DJ, a professional corporate event DJ, a professional yet affordable wedding photographer, a high-end signature photographer team,  professional video, and an excellent selection of package options for any budget.  We personally edit every photo shoot to ensure that our clients receive the same excellent quality photos!
*Florida residents call 321-617-3169 for some very special discounts!
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